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FMN DITA .. refers to the DITA support that is provided by default in FM9 and FM8.

DITA-FMx .. is a plugin that provides extended DITA authoring support for FM9, FM8, FM7.2 and FM7.1. More info...

Submitted by: Scott Prentice (2008-05-22)
Last updated: 2008-06-19

TAGS:  Authoring, FM8 DITA, DITA-FMx 0.0, DITA-FMx 1.0, FM 7.1, FM 7.2, FM 8.0
SUMMARY:  My fm-xref cross-refs disappear when reopening the file.
ISSUE:  After creating an fm-xref (or fm-link), the cross-ref is visible and functional until closing and reopening the file.
SOLUTION:  Check the XML source in a text editor. If the value of the href attribute is "#", you're probably referencing a paragraph or marker rather than the element. In order for an fm-xref/link to round-trip properly, it must be referencing an element with a valid id attribute.

When creating an fm-xref or fm-link, you must choose the "Source Type: Element" in the FrameMaker Cross-Reference dialog. Only the elements listed in the Element Tags list are available for referencing. To add more elements to this list, you need to edit the EDD and change the type of the id attribute from String to UniqueID.

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