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FMN DITA .. refers to the DITA support that is provided by default in FM9 and FM8.

DITA-FMx .. is a plugin that provides extended DITA authoring support for FM9, FM8, FM7.2 and FM7.1. More info...

Submitted by: Scott Prentice (2008-05-27)
Last updated: 2008-06-19

TAGS:  Authoring, DITA-FMx 0.0, DITA-FMx 1.0, FM 7.1, FM 7.2, FM 8.0
SUMMARY:  What is a "max reference level" and why are all these messages in the console window?
ISSUE:  Why do I get this message in the console window?

    Max reference level (2) reached at: C:\PATH\FILE.XML
SOLUTION:  This is an expected message and is just for informational purposes.
BACKGROUND:  This message indicates that you have the "max reference levels" option set to "2" in the Options dialog.

When you open a DITA file, FM has to open all referenced files to resolve the references (conrefs/xrefs). If any of those files have references it opens them as well .. this can go on for a long time if you don't cut it off. A max reference level of 2 means that you'll resolve 2 levels of nested references (a conref with a nested xref or conref) which is reasonable. If you have conrefs that reference conrefs that in turn reference an xref, then you'll want to set the level to 3.

You can disable reference level checking by setting this option to "0" but that's not recommended.

Yes .. it would be nice to not have these messages reported to the console window .. watch for that as a feature enhancement in the next version of DITA-FMx.

NOTE: This feature only exists in DITA-FMx; in FM8 DITA all referenced files are opened.