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FMN DITA .. refers to the DITA support that is provided by default in FM9 and FM8.

DITA-FMx .. is a plugin that provides extended DITA authoring support for FM9, FM8, FM7.2 and FM7.1. More info...

Submitted by: Scott Prentice (2008-10-16)

TAGS:  Authoring, FM8 DITA, DITA-FMx 0.0, DITA-FMx 1.0, FM 7.1, FM 7.2, FM 8.0
SUMMARY:  Table titles don't insert properly
ISSUE:  If the table title is enabled in a table format, when that table format is inserted into a DITA file, the title element is added as a child of the tgroup element. This is an invalid structure and cannot be saved properly.
SOLUTION:  Until an update is provided to address this (in FM8 DITA or DITA-FMx), you cannot include a table title in the table format. In the table format, set the Title Position to "No Title" and insert the title element as a child of the table element after the table has been added.

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