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FMN DITA .. refers to the DITA support that is provided by default in FM9 and FM8.

DITA-FMx .. is a plugin that provides extended DITA authoring support for FM9, FM8, FM7.2 and FM7.1. More info...

Submitted by: Scott Prentice (2009-04-26)

TAGS:  Authoring, Installation, DITA-FMx 0.0, DITA-FMx 1.0, FM 8.0, FM 9.0
SUMMARY:  Why am I getting the message "Translator client (ditafm_app) was not found." when opening a DITA file?
ISSUE:  When I try to open a *.ditamap or *.xml file I get the following error:

    Translator client (ditafm_app) was not found.
    Operation could not be completed.

As far as I know I've installed everything properly.
SOLUTION:  It is likely that you're using the default DITA app (DITA-Topic-FM), which references the ditafm_app client in the structure application definitions file. If you use the DITA-FMx Topic app (DITA-FMx-Topic), it should work fine. Be sure to select the DITA-FMx structure applications in the Options dialog, and when opening a topic or map, select the DITA-FMx apps instead of the default apps.

If you do want to use the default DITA apps (or your own custom apps), just change the API client referenced by the structure app definition to "ditafmx_app" (see the UseAPIClient node in the structapps.fm file).

Tip: If you only have one app definition in the structapps file for a particular document type, you won't be prompted to select an application each time you open a file. To make it easier, you may want to remove the default apps from the structure application definitions file. (Be sure to make a backup of this file so you can roll back if needed.)